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Brows Classes

Our in-person brows classes are aimed at helping you take your business to the next level. With The Beauty Hub Academy you can be confident that we'll provide what you need to succeed. All of our classes are accredited by the IPHM and upon class completion the successful candidate will be awarded an internationally recognised Diploma.

Our Brows Classes

  • Brows are 90% of your selfie.


    4 hr

    185 British pounds
  • Brow Lamination is the hottest brow trend of the year.


    4 hr

    185 British pounds
  • Next level natural tinting and completely peroxide free.


    4 hr

    185 British pounds
  • Everything you need to know in becoming a Brow Technician.

    375 British pounds
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Our passion for health and beauty knows no bounds. Alongside our learning opportunities, The Beauty Hub Academy provides top rated and highly popular beauty treatments. 

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Online Courses

In revolutionising how we deliver our learning opportunities, The Beauty Hub Academy has specially developed unique online courses. Teaching you the skills you need to succeed - at your own pace and convenience.

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We are stocked with all the latest materials and equipment necessary in delivering the cutting edge beauty treatments and services of today. See our range of products at our online store.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are renowned for our fantastic services - see what people think of us with our reviews here at and Google reviews.

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