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Looking to Fulfil a role?

The Beauty Hub Academy is always looking to grow its professional network - if you are a health and beauty practitioner looking to get involved or you are looking to provide modelling services for our teaching opportunities, get in touch with us!


Modelling Opportunities

With the nature of our teaching services we often require a list of models to be available at short notice should our prospective students be unable to provide one on the day. If you are interested in being added to our social network for providing your services as a model - get in touch with us. You can also see our modelling schedule below.

Salon Beds for Rent

At the Beauty Hub Academy we also accommodate health and beauty practitioners who may wish to rent one (or more) of our beds at a time of their choosing. If you are interested in working within our Hub and would like to rent a space to offer your professional services - get in touch with us using the form below.